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Fowler Smith Celebrates 2nd Birthday

In today's blog post, our Director, Jonathan Fowler, discusses Fowler Smith Mortgages & Protection turning 2 years old today.

"For our firm to achieve what we have since it's company formation on the 15th November 2021 is something I'm incredibly proud of.

Charlie and I had a vision that we would be a firm that searches tirelessly for the best outcome for a client, and today I'm pleased to say that's who we are.

Over the past two years, we've seen some very challenging times - rates have soared, and the economic outlook has been uncertain. All at Fowler Smith have stepped up and fought for the right outcome for each client - whether that's dealing with the more obscure of lenders, watching rate changes intensely, or contesting decisions we feel to be incorrect and more often than not, coming out on top.

With the arrival of consumer duty this summer, as a firm we are proud to say that we are incredibly comprehensive and thorough when demonstrating the importance of all areas of advice a client requires.

At our core is our mission statement; To add value to everybody we communicate with. This is within the hearts of all of our team. It's portrayed and demonstrated to every client, and every business relationship we have. For us, we believe that anyone who deals with Fowler Smith, in whatever capacity, will come away from every conversation with value. Learning something. Understanding something. Appreciating something. That's incredibly important to us as a firm and our culture.

Not only have we succinctly realised and actualised our mission statement, but we've also made it clear what our values are. Our office is adorned with these values, and an overview of each, because we believe it and live it each day:

Expertise & Persistence


Trust & Reputation

Comprehensive Support

Client Centric

Also at our heart is client feedback. I'm very proud to say that we are nearing 100 5-star Google reviews, and it hopefully demonstrates to anyone looking to deal with Fowler Smith just how important they are to us.

Since 2021, when our firm was just the seed of what it is today, we've seen some positive expansion. From Charlie and I at the beginning; we've grown to a team of five today. Natasha joined us very early on in the firm's history, to then be followed by Joanna and Tara. As I write this today, we are just a few short days away from our team increasing to seven.

At Fowler Smith, we will continue providing the exceptional service we already do, and look forward to the many years ahead of us. We will all continue to learn and collaborate.

This is the start of the Fowler Smith journey, and we are thankful to everybody that's been a part of it so far."


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