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Natasha Hughes Promoted To Operations

Updated: Mar 29

Since joining Fowler Smith in 2022, Natasha Hughes has been vital to our company's growth. Starting as a trainee Client Account Executive, Natasha very quickly became well-versed in ensuring clients had the best experience throughout each transaction journey.

In 2023, after having a bulk of experience under her belt from the array of applications managed here at the firm, Natasha moved up to Senior Client Account Executive, where she helped onboard and train our newest addition to the Client Account Executive team.

Natasha has always had an interest in the business operations, opportunities for future growth, and above all; ensuring the best client journey.

With that in mind, Natasha is now assisting Jonathan, the Managing Director, with the internal business operations, as well as Charlie, Sales Director, with growth - and becomes Operations & Senior Client Account Executive.

The entire team are excited to see what Natasha's new direction brings to the firm.


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